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  • July 30, 2015, 07:08:08 PM
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 on: Today at 05:14:04 PM 
Started by lilgodwin - Last post by lilgodwin
Craigo_S, thanks for explaining a bit of the LAMS situation.  I had no idea this was a thing in some places.  I ended up looking it up and learning a little bit about it to understand it better.  I think it's a pretty cool thing for some governments to do, obviously for safety.  Some people think they need a big starter bike for one reason or another, and all too often get in over their head.  My first bike was a '96 Katana 600 (about 12 years old at the time in 2008) that I got for dirt cheap, so it was definitely lacking in a lot of power, but certainly still fun for a while.  Glad you don't regret the decision to go Hyosung.

Zammin, thanks also for clarifying the situation in Australia.  I find it funny that you, along with a number of others it seems, indicate that you're a bigger guy, so the Hyosung is a good fit for you.  I say this because my wife is quite short, at 5'1", and had her GT650R lowered a lot to get it to fit her.  Now that she's skilled enough, it's fine, but previously she still had issues having to tip-toe around even with it lowered.  There aren't many (ANY) real options for riders that are exceptionally short, which is sad.  I wish for her sake that there were more options that were a bit shorter and more narrow.

Humanballistics & Cellafane, good to know you find it easy to work on.  Reminds me of my first bike, the previously mentioned '96 Katana 600.  It needed some TLC and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and doing all the work myself on that thing.  Something I'll never forget, and always appreciate.  Cheap insurance is not something I necessarily thought about.  Being a Florida (USA) registered motorcycle, I'm actually not required to have insurance on my bike.  This isn't typical, but this is the case for me.  So, I don't know what a typical insurance quote might be, and how the Hyosung compares.

Ninetenseven, sucks you receive such crap from other riders.  That really shouldn't happen.  Granted, there will always be some playful (I hope) banter about one bike versus another, but it's all in good fun the way I see it.  I have my opinions about some makes/models, but I don't necessarily hate any of them, just have preferences like anyone else.  I certainly agree that all bikes (can) have their problems.  I feel pretty lucky on my current bike, '07 ZX10R, in that I've had very few issues with it.  Recently, the stator did go out on me, leaving me stranded, so I ended up replacing that as well as the reg/rec.  But it's now an 8 year old bike, so I think that's alright.  Although, I was a bit pissed off that they decided to use plastic for the oil plug, because eventually it would become so brittle and break off... into tiny pieces... into the oil itself... while leaving the threads locked into place in the casing with a huge see-through gap into the oil while I'm holding half the plug, lol.  That was simply irritating as I had to wait about a week for a nice aluminum replacement one.  But I digress, haha.  Yes, all bikes have issues.  I guess I'm just mostly concerned because her bike is/was so new and seemed to have issues that I didn't think it should.  That, and she's my wife, so I don't want her bike to have ANY issues, lol.

Hylife, complaining about the vibration doesn't indicate that I haven't ridden a Harley.  I would complain about them just the same.  That said, I appreciate your thorough input regarding the V-twin, and I completely agree with you in all other aspects.  I was talking the other day with a buddy about how rare it is for people to go online when they have something good to say, versus how often it occurs that someone will go on a rampage when it's about something they don't like (ie. want to complain).  And yes, the same can be said for most all cases of riders joining forums.  Usually they/we do so because we need to figure out an issue, so those issues get brought up more so than anything else.  Good point.  Though, I never agreed, nor do I now, with my wife (or anyone else) buying a brand new first bike.  Even with the enticing price tag of the Hyosung, it just doesn't make sense to me.  There are plenty of great deals out there for slightly used bikes is pristine condition to be had.  Brand new tires, the break-in period, and always being worried about it because it's "brand new" so you don't want to drop it, which is almost inevitable that you will.  These are things, along with the higher price obviously, that a new owner shouldn't have to be concerned with while learning to ride. But... people...  I certainly wasn't trying to insinuate that not all brands have problems.  They're all imperfect machines, I get that.  And even two bikes of the same year/make/model can have different issues.  As I said before, I just thought that my wife's bike shouldn't have had some of the issues she's had so soon.  Wishful thinking, as I just want her to enjoy riding without any issues, ever.  Not going to happen with any bike out there, I know.  Again, thanks for the response.

 on: Today at 04:57:29 PM 
Started by Funky_Munky - Last post by Funky_Munky
I still have to tick the box "any claims or accident regardless of fault' which will will bump up my premium. I just need to source a footpeg now as I have borrowed one of the pillion one for the time being.

 on: Today at 03:40:45 PM 
Started by Funky_Munky - Last post by Cloud

Erm. If you make a claim, you lose the no claims bonus. The clue is in the name.

 on: Today at 01:15:52 PM 
Started by Hylife - Last post by Hylife
I'm going walkabout for 4 to 5 weeks up the red centre and back south via mining and dino track country (no bike, snail shell behind the cage).
See you all then.
Might post some pics if I can get any mobile coverage just to make you all jealous.


 on: Today at 01:10:27 PM 
Started by yotebluffshooter - Last post by Hylife
If only it was all caused by using the incorrect shampoo.

you've seen those adverts.
Do you want longer lasting s&x? Call AMI and we'll send you our specially formulated shampoo that you just wash with etc etc.

 on: Today at 01:06:31 PM 
Started by Funky_Munky - Last post by Hylife
...leaving me having lost my no claims bonus, increased insurance premium next year..

You won't loose your "No Claims Bonus" as the accident was not your fault and you can identify the other driver. All costs will be made against the other drivers insurance policy, not yours.

 on: Today at 01:02:50 PM 
Started by blleonar123 - Last post by Hylife
...Is there a easy way to disconnect those cables.

Note how the handlebar throttle feels and how much slack there is.
Note the sheath positions first (mark with a black felt pen on the threaded portion) then loosen off the locking nuts on the throttle body bracket that the sheath terminates on. Once loose the cables can be slipped off the disc and out the slots.

And download the parts and service manuals for your bike from here.


 on: Today at 12:52:49 PM 
Started by Lhudson - Last post by Hylife
Replace the swingarm as a complete assembly with a new bolt.

 on: Today at 12:40:22 PM 
Started by lilgodwin - Last post by Hylife
...I've primarily noticed how much it rattles/vibrates/shakes at various RPMs, which is my biggest complaint...

You obviously have never ridden a HD then.

It is the characteristic 270o crank design that gives that vibe but that also gives the Hyo 650 a bucket load of power compared to other V-twins of the same CC.
HD designed their V-twin with 315o crank rotation for their distinctive sound when they have aftermarket pipes with no baffles. Pity that at that degrees of rotation you loose heaps of horse power. Few 1800cc HDs make as much power to weight as a 650 Hyo.
Put a Hyo 650 cruisernext to most other cruiser barands and the Hyo leaves them in its dust.
If you love the V-twin then accept that it is better for a cruiser but is not the most appropriate engine for a sports bike in todays technology.

Unfortunately, very few owners will come onto a forum like Korider and post just how wonderful their bike is.
Lets be honest, most Korider members ended up here because they had a problem they didn't know how to fix themselves, so most posts are about issues. If you spent some time in a particular (any) brand repair workshop you would also get a skewed view on things about that brand.

Hyos are priced cheaper than most other brands. They should be half the price they are but the importers will market them at a price they think they can get away with. MOst Hyo importers are businesses that fail to meet the grade to get a japaness brand franchise and so they deal in the more obscure brands and often make very poor choices in approving dealers/resellers.
A bad service experience from a dealer (they always blame the brand or the importer when they can't fix something) can leave a terribly sour taste in your mouth, and again Hyos are over-represented in that category too.

Low prices attract Noobs (new riders) and that means in most cases, owners who don't know sh!t about bikes and so they proclaim much more loudly if they have a problem. They also fail to maintain and ride their machines properly and this is displayed not only in a higher proportion of second hand low milage Hyos but Hyos are severely over represented in crash statistics.
The problem is NOT the brand so much as the type of owner attracted to the brand.
Once you've owned a few bikes you soon learn that ALL brands have issues, some unique and some similar to everyone else and because you have more riding experience you aren't behaving like a squid on the blacktop and you tend to not only know how to fix things yourself but you also maintain your machine better to prevent problems 'before' they occur..

 on: Today at 12:36:41 PM 
Started by lilgodwin - Last post by AJC650
Yep, like so many people it came down to price, backed up by good looks and a V-twin soundtrack.

Plenty of rectifier problems out there on big manufacturers, you only have to read a buying used review in the bike mags to see "check electrics, check frame for cracking, check rectifier" etc. etc. on many of the favourite japanese and Triumphs too.  And then of course BMW issued a 'don't use your bike' notice to owners of one of their bikes - and that cost 1000's more than a Hyo, that might need a couple of extra wires and a rectifier at some point in it's life.

Nae probs - enjoying the Hyo thoroughly.

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