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  • April 25, 2019, 02:59:12 AM
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 on: April 24, 2019, 11:07:48 PM 
Started by paul gv250 - Last post by paul gv250
HI there,

I'm having issues with rough idling & intermittant stalling mainly while slowing down at lights or making a turn.  I'm leaning towards the problem being with either ignition coils, ht leads or spark plug boots or all 3.

Anyway, while looking for replacement parts I've found out I've got the following installed on my bike https://www.hyosungpartsonline.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=927&language=en   Part#33410H98A00.  This seems a bit odd as all the other coils I've found are part #'s 33410HP9310,33430HP9300 and 33410HN9120.  does anyone else have the st7 Part#33410H98A00 coil on their gv250's & has it given you any issues?  or was the factory just being lazy? 

Also, do I have to install the same type of ignition coil as I've already got?


 on: April 24, 2019, 08:32:45 PM 
Started by mikminute85 - Last post by mikminute85
Good morning All.
I have recently got myself a new project.
I am installing a GT650 EFI motor etc into a ATV Sidewinder Buggy,
I would like to completly dismantle and install fresh and only ESSENTIAL wiring requirements for the motor, sensors coils etc.
Has anyone previously simplified a standard hardness that anyones aware of please?

 on: April 24, 2019, 06:36:45 PM 
Started by davidsrjr - Last post by davidsrjr
I recently got my bike back from the shop. I noticed that the fuel gauge showed that I had a full tank but yet I ran out of gas later that day.  I called the shop up asking if they left something unplugged but they have not returned my calls.  Is there a fuse or cable that I can check myself?

 on: April 24, 2019, 04:12:48 PM 
Started by Shadcast - Last post by Shadcast
Ok ok so replace the reg/rec. I have searched over the bike for one that looks like the actual part but couldn't find one.
Do you know what the box is for?

 on: April 24, 2019, 01:37:56 PM 
Started by Drinu250 - Last post by Drinu250
Thanks for your reply. When I try the old ECU, the fast idle problem returns and the bike runs as it used to. The stalling issue seems to be associated with the new ECU (I also managed to try another good ECU with the same result). I had checked the ignition coils resistance values and all seemed within range. However, will give the test you recommended a try.

 on: April 24, 2019, 10:03:49 AM 
Started by Shadcast - Last post by umop-ǝpisdn
The 3 yellow to 3 yellow connection is the connection between the stator and the reg/rec.

The stator creates the electricity used by a motorcycle in the same way that the alternator does in a car. The only problem is that the stator makes AC power that varies in voltage greatly as RPMs rise and fall. The reg/rec is needed to convert the AC power into stable DC power that is regulated to a steady voltage.

That's the theory anyway. Your reg/rec is actually a potato. You should bury it in the ground and get a new one.

 on: April 24, 2019, 08:47:42 AM 
Started by Shadcast - Last post by Shadcast
Any clue what the burnt out thing is in the 2nd picture?

 on: April 24, 2019, 08:36:20 AM 
Started by Shadcast - Last post by 1st.turbogv650
4 pin plug is the ecu access port.

2 pin plug is dealer mode/ self diagnostic. Bridge this plug and fault codes will be displayed on the dash

 on: April 24, 2019, 01:24:21 AM 
Started by Shadcast - Last post by Shadcast
Just got this bike yesterday with electric issues and just wondering what these parts are.

 on: April 23, 2019, 10:14:08 PM 
Started by Underdog656 - Last post by umop-ǝpisdn

All years of the 125 have the same clutch.

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