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Author Topic: Parts resources for Hyosung Sense (SD50)  (Read 2987 times)


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Parts resources for Hyosung Sense (SD50)
« on: September 05, 2013, 06:40:54 AM »

Just thought I'd list some parts resources on here as I get an occasional email asking for it, and thought it would be better to list here on the forum for others to see. This is for stock parts, plastics, electrical, mechanical etc. All the factory stuff the custom scoot parts places do NOT have.

A&J Parts have THE BEST prices as they bought up the old stock of parts for the pre-2006 Hyosung sense, and are currently selling parts at very low prices. Can't be beat, IF they have the part. I bought a complete pearl red set of plastics from these guys for $108. Always call or email these guys first. They have more than they list, so ask!

These guys at Epfguzzi have more parts than they are listing on their site, so be sure to make a call or email, as they have some pretty good prices, and helpful and knowledgeable.

Alphasports is another vendor that can get most any parts needed at a midrange price. I bought an all new set of black plastics for not that much from these guys.

Then finally there's racingplanetusa. They can get more or less 99.9% of the parts on the bike, however some might be very pricy. Others not so much. NOTE that you are looking for the  parts for the Hyosung SD50 AVANTI, not Sense, as that's what it was sold as overseas in some markets.  A benefit of Racingplanet is they can deliver parts that are only in their German catalogue aswell, if you ask them nicely. For instance I got a $12 speedometer lens from Germany's site, while the American verison only stocked the whole speedometer assy at $238. Then again A&J parts lists the speedo assy at $39, so shop wisely.

If Racingplanet shows "Out of stock", Call them, talk to Alex, and he will post a request for new stock delivered from Germany of the parts you need. They are great on all kinds of small items, screws, gaskets, brackets fittings etc.

Other parts:
New cylinderkit 50cc "sport" $108

Replacement seatcover $25(HARD to find)

Piston kit $25

A cheaper cylinderkit, but plus shipping

Big bore kits for all Morini, NOTE:needs custom exhaust mount on the side as it will move the exhaust somewhat.

Malossi Big Bore kit (Reccomended)

Cheaper Big bore kit

Searching for SD50 Sense parts, use: SD50 Avanti, SD 50 Rush, Hyosung SB50 CAB, SB 50 Super CAB, or just SD 50 as search keywords. Of these the CAB has the most different parts, while the others are pretty much identical.
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