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Author Topic: Parts to upgrade electrical system(stator, RR)  (Read 1316 times)


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Parts to upgrade electrical system(stator, RR)
« on: July 20, 2014, 05:11:01 PM »

So I thought I would make a new post with a more specific Subject for future reference. 

Here is the stator I am looking at: http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gt650-gt650s-gt650r-2/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html  Now the original PDF instructions suggested the ESG110, the model I linked is the 112 but designed for the hyosung.  I am not sure if the 112 existed at the time and it seems to be a better fit, any thoughts on that?  Also, I don't mind buying brand new if it is really worth it, but if it's not a huge risk to buy used does anyone have any recommendations on specifically what to get?  Deezil has been amazing with giving me a ton of links on ebay but unless I missed one they have all been RR.  Either way would I need any other parts to get whichever stator I chose to work.  Any washers to make it fit etc. (I already bought a cheapy terminal kit from HF as deezil suggested)

As for the RR: http://roadstercycle.com/  There are several different kits but apparently  the super mosfit kit for 140 is supposed to be the easiest one to install?  Though the PDF mentioned I will have to bend the mounting bracket to get my cover to go back over?  Again I don't mind spending the money if it is truly worth it.  Deezil sent me a ton of ebay links for various used RR that are much cheaper. He knows what he is talking about but I have no idea how he knows that they will work, I am assuming either experience or it is simple an issue of eyeballing it with these.  An example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/128-07-08-YAMAHA-YZF-R1-RECTIFIER-VOLTAGE-REGULATOR-/251571422966?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a92d346f6&vxp=mtr  I am also assuming that if I buy one of these uses one I will need to buy wiring and other things to get it to work?

He gave me a link for a gasket in the US: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hyosung-Magneto-Stator-Cover-Gasket-GT650R-GV650-GT650-United-Motors-Kasinski-/171355991616?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27e59cee40&vxp=mtr

I'd like to make my decision today, in a minute if I can figure  out how to use my cheapy 7 dollar  volt meter I am going to go test everything and if I get the results I expect I'd like to order tonight.  So now it is just figuring out used vs new and if it is used which used then if any additional parts are needed. 

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Re: Parts to upgrade electrical system(stator, RR)
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2014, 10:15:51 AM »

Any 3 phase 3 wire type R/R will work on any other bike. They are just simple voltage regulator/rectifiers able to handle decent amounts of power.

The issue is fitting to you bike and having to redo all the wiring. if you want the simplest installation process with the best parts available then just do this:

+1 to this you need should do the stator as well. Its propably already damaged and will just give the new R/R a hard time. I have the GT650 but stator and R/R are the same. Here is my shopping list from this thread http://korider.com/index.php?topic=23529.0:

Just joined the RR/stator upgrade club! Measured the voltage at the battery and it is a solid 14.2V at all revs and bike is smoother at all rpm's. Slightly harder to start when cold but I would say it only has to crank for that extra fraction of a second. Well worth the effort to install this as it feels like this is how the bike should have been from the factory.

For people coming late to this thread here is a quick summary:

Parts List:

Stator: Part #: ESG112
[url=http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gt650-gt650s-gt650r-2/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html]http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gt650-gt650s-gt650r-2/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html] [url]http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gt650-gt650s-gt650r-2/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html]http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gt650-gt650s-gt650r-2/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html]http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gt650-gt650s-gt650r-2/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html] [url]http://www.electrosport.com/street-bikes/hyosung/gt650-gt650s-gt650r-2/stator-hyosung-gt650-st7-06-on.html[/url]

Tips from installation experience and other posts in this thread:

* Get a new stator cover gasket as the old one is really easy to tear when trying to thread the wiring through. Available here: http://www.hyosungparts.asia/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=304

* Clean the old chain lube from under the front sprocket cover before removing the stator cover. It can be pretty nasty under there and you don't want that stuff in you engine, between your magneto cover gasket or in a screw thread.

* Use a QUALITY socket set when removing the stator cover bolts as they are pretty soft. don't risk stripping them.

* When fitting stator cover back use a torque wrench to protect engine case threads and prevent oil leaks.

* Be sure to remove the cable clasp from the new stator as everyone else has mentioned otherwise there are clearance issues. Screw is soft and it is easy to strip the head. Take your time, use quality screw drivers and be careful!

* Screws holding the VR sensor in place are soft and it is easy to strip the head. Again take your time, use quality screw drivers and be careful!

* Make sure the wire feedthrough rubber is sitting in the grove correctly to prevent oil leaks.

* New RR lines up with the mounting holes perfectly but there is some cutting of the plastic mud guard involved to fit the new RR as it is bigger. Really easy to do with a hacksaw blade. Otherwise search this forum for MOSFET RR install for different mounting options.

This is a really useful thread can we get this stickyed? I know we have the "fix for charging issues" stick but it 44 pages and this thread is more up to date information.



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Re: Parts to upgrade electrical system(stator, RR)
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2017, 10:31:42 AM »

I don't mean to get off topic or hi Jack the thread but I just replaced my stator and cracked my stator cover because I didn't use a torque wrench. Does anyone know whether or not the 2009 gt650r is carburated or fuel injection? Probably a dumb question but this is my first bike. And would anyone know where I can get a new one? I've seen some on some websites but they either say for fuel injection or carb, or the ones on eBay are for the years 05-07. I tried to patch the old one with jb weld but it then proceeded to pour oil all down my driveway (motul 300v I might add) 😠


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Re: Parts to upgrade electrical system(stator, RR)
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2017, 03:13:15 PM »

the covers are all the same. 
You need to lean the bike waaaay to the brake side to save the motor in the motor

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