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  • July 16, 2018, 11:23:34 AM
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Author Topic: Fuel Trim cause engine vibrations?  (Read 345 times)

jose costa

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Fuel Trim cause engine vibrations?
« on: September 03, 2017, 08:50:30 AM »

Fuel Trim cause engine vibrations?

three years ago I have the 2012 / GV650 with DAEWOO ECU and since I bought it I think there is an abnormal vibration in the engine running, I always thought it could be a wrong ignition timing ... and for some time I've been wondering why this could happen . And there is no FI fault indication on the panel.
A few days ago I identified a problem with the SAV solenoid (not FI), which with the heating caused by the motor lost the resistance, so that the engine in normal, already hot operation received a load of clean cold air passing through the SAV that (I have identified that the signal sent by the ECU is normally arriving at the connector when mounting a lamp on the SAV connector, that while the cold engine remains off - SAV de-energized / open the air passage and when the engine is hot the lamp lights indicating energization for the solenoid and blocking the air for the exhaust). I kept the S.A.V off and the supply hose coming from the air box blocked.
Is this air / oxygen charge (going by the time S.A.V supposed to block) causing the lambda probe to identify poor mix and make Short Term Fuel trim correction (STFT) increasing the fuel injection time?
Is this the right question for the origin of the engine vibration?
There are two Hyosung scanners: a handheld and another PC version, which one has screens with the Short Term Fuel Trim / Long Term Fuel Trim views or another screen that identifies the short-term / long-term corrections in the base map?
And only the injection time correction may be happening or could it have ignition time correction?
Easy questions for initiates in electronic injection !!! Very difficult for me ...
I did not find any mention of it in the forum.
I need help...
Thank you in advance!

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