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Author Topic: I am a newbie with Gtr 250 2013. urgent issue  (Read 467 times)


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I am a newbie with Gtr 250 2013. urgent issue
« on: January 05, 2018, 03:05:54 PM »

Hi guys. I am Bugatti from Nigeria. I ride a 2013 Hyosung GTR 250.
I have a slight issue with it. Bought it with 7000 miles. i noticed that it sometimes goes off with the F1 light on and when i start it on motion, it comes back on. it happens mostly if i slow down and down shift to a lower gear. it really bothers me. please help

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Re: I am a newbie with Gtr 250 2013. urgent issue
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 08:00:22 PM »

If the FI light is coming on, then the ECU is detecting a fault. You can switch the ECU into 'dealer mode' and it will output a code. That code will be useful in diagnosing the problem.

I don't own a 250 though, so I don't know how to switch it to dealer mode. I recall seeing two different ways in the past. One is via the ignition key, I think. You simply turn the bike to the 'on' position and then 'off' again 5 times, leaving the bike 'on' on the 5th time. The FI light will then start to flash. The first set of flashes is the 10's and then the second set of flashes is the 1's. i.e. if it flashes twice, then pauses and then flashes 7 times, your code is 27.

The second way is to use a paper clip. You bend the paper clip into a 'U' shape and then put it into a connector under your seat. It is the only empty two pin connector under the seat and it is on the left side of the bike. If this method is successful, then when you switch the bike to 'on' you will get a code on the dashboard that says for example c27. In this case '27' is your error code.

You do not get to pick which method you want to use. If one doesn't work, then you should use the other way.
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Re: I am a newbie with Gtr 250 2013. urgent issue
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2018, 11:49:39 PM »

Get the code and then you have a chance of finding out what is going on .
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