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  • July 16, 2018, 03:15:24 PM
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Author Topic: Where to get GT250 ECU (not Delphi)?  (Read 49 times)


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Where to get GT250 ECU (not Delphi)?
« on: July 02, 2018, 12:46:09 PM »

Hi all!

My GT250's ECU is probably faulty (at least that's our suspect. Symptom: There's a plug under the fuel tank that is responsible for the cold start. With that plugged in, the engine will shoot up to 6-7k rpm and won't go down, no matter what. It's been like this since we put it back together after I bought it with only one cylinder working and taken appart. Anyways, I usually just start the bike and hold the throttle a little bit until it warms up, so I can let it go and the idle is back to normal.)

I'm trying to find a new ECU or at least a used one in a good condition, but it seems impossible?
- I'm from the EU.
- I was willing to buy one from Korea, because it's a somewhat cheap option so the price + customs makes into my budget. But my order got cancelled and I've been told that this ECU is no longer in production and I'd have to replace it to the Delphi one and also replace all the cables. Which is obviously too expensive. To this day their site indicates they have this ECU in stock.
- I've been looking at ebay but so far no used ones that I need.
- I've found what I wanted on a spanish site, emailed them to see if they ship to Belgium. They asked me "what codes are on my ecu" to which i didn't know what to reply and offered sending pictures. They told me pictures are ok, sent them the pictures, listed every text that was readable and never got a reply. I messaged them 2 more times asking if they can determine if it's what they have in stock but nothing.

So I'm kinda out of ideas and tired of googling for weeks so if you know someone who is selling parts, or you have and idea where to get an ECU for my bike (part no.: 32900HR8600) then please let me know.

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Re: Where to get GT250 ECU (not Delphi)?
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2018, 08:53:06 AM »

I'll see what I have in my spares boxes for you. I'm sure all the 125's I had were 250 ECU's. PM me the photos you took and I'll compare it to what I have.

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